To lose

Simple present Present continuous Present perfect
I lose
You lose
He/She/It loses
We lose
They lose
I am losing
You are losing
He/She/It is losing
We are losing
They are losing
I have lost
You have lost
He/She/It has lost
We have lost
They have lost
Simple past Past continuous Past perfect
I lost
You lost
He/She/It lost
We lost
They lost
I was losing
You were losing
He/She/It was losing
We were losing
They were losing
I had lost
You had lost
He/She/It had lost
We had lost
They had lost
Simple future Future continuous Future perfect
I will lose
You will lose
He/She/It will lose
We will lose
They will lose
I will be losing
You will be losing
He/She/It will be losing
We will be losing
They will be losing
I will have lost
You will have lost
He/She/It will have lost
We will have lost
They will have lost