Wh questions – English grammar courses

In this lesson, we will talk about something called “wh questions”. These are question words that start with the letters “wh”. Those questions are: who, what, when, where, why and which. These words are used in the beginning of sentences to express an interrogative situation.

  • Who

Who is used to ask about a person as a subject. For example:

-Who is this man?

-Who are you?

-Who wants to go to school?

-Who is going to come tonight?

-Who will it be?

-Who are you going with?

You use “whom” if you’re asking about people as an object although this rule isn’t followed strictly. For example:

-Whom did you talk to?

-Whom did you see?

You can use “whose” to talk about ownership. For example:

-Whose is this?

-Whose is that?

  • What

“What” is used to ask about a thing or an action. For example:

-What is this?

-What are you doing?

-What time is it?

-What does the weather look like?

-What happened?

-What’s going on?

You can also use the formula “what … for?” to ask about the reason for something. For example:

-What are you waiting for?

-What are you doing that for?

  • When

When is used to ask about the time. For example:

-When will you visit London?

-When does that happen?

-When are you going home?

-When can we meet again?

-When did she come?

-When is the concert?

  • Where

Where is used to ask about a place. For example:

-Where are you going?

-Where is my book?

-Where did mom go?

-Where will you be in five hours?

-Where do you want to meet?

-Where can we read some books?

  • Why:

Why is used to ask about the reason for something. For examples:

-Why are you going to school?

-Why did you cry?

-Why is the door open?

-Why can’t we go outside?

-Why won’t you help me?

-Why does he always wake up so late?

You can use “why don’t …” to suggest something. For example:

-Why don’t you call her?

-Why don’t you go outside?

-Why don’t we meet up?

  • Which

You can use Which to talk about choice. For example:

-Which dress do you like?

-Which cinema should we go?

-Which car should we buy?

-Which company should I work in?
-Which meal do you want?

-Which person did you talk to?


Let’s do some exercises with what we have learned already. Make new questions using the following words: who are, who is, what is, what does, when will, when did, where did, where can, why are, why does.